Street Runway

It has taken 6 long years, consistent push from some loved ones and some serious ‘convince myself’ sessions (I am my best critic after my mom) for me to come to terms with starting off this blog, that pretty much sums up all I ever wanted to do. Now that I decided to do this, I firmly believe In giving you something to take away from this blog.

When I see or go through any high end fashion blogs the first striking eye grabbing feature is the clearly and carefully perfected pictures and to top it the person in the picture look like they jumped straight out of a fairy tale story. After this I go look at myself in the mirror and think ‘man, when am I ever going to look remotely close to that’, until it hit me one day. I do not want to look like that! I want to look like me! With my imperfect body, my dusky skin tone and my partly curly and partly frizzy hair, because there is no one quite like that. Now I am one among the million women who want to look at my stylish best. I thought if I can help myself feel that good about myself it is only fair if I share this gift (so I have been told)  by helping anyone dress and feel that equally ‘FLAWSOME’.

On That Note…..

Watch this space for people from all walks of life as they entrust their styling in me and explain what fashion means to them. While it is not easy to admit an imperfection to yourself, I am deeply grateful to these beautiful people here who agreed to be a part of “Street Runway” for TFF.


If you would like to be featured in the TFF Street Runway, please reach out to TFF by filling this simple form.