Curly Girl Co-Washing

Do you have curly hair? Does it frizz up despite the hundred products you use? Do you stare at the Instagram curly girls and wonder how on earth they get it right all the time? Well, I do too. As you guys may already know I am a proud curly girl and I am also a serious curly hair product junkie. There are a million different things I have tried while I was in India and the short time that I have been here in the states. Today I am taking one specific topic and that is “”Co-Washing” aka “Conditioner-Washing”.


Co-washing is essentially using your conditioner as a cleansing agent rather than the shampoo. But, it says do no apply on scalp, gurl what are you talking about ? You see, When God created the concept of curly hair he really decided to make it special which ultimately means we got to take extra care of it. As compared to our straight haired dames curly/wavy hair needs twice or may be thrice the moisture because it can dry up that much. Hence “applying conditioner on scalp” is your rescue method to get them locks bouncy.


The general response is that each curly girl hair is different and so it depends but I say you wont know it until you try it and give your hair time to adjust to it. The best way is to introduce it to your hair in between your hair washes.


So I am going to share what I did to give you an insight. I wash my hair every 5th day so essentially twice a week. When I introduce co-washing is in between probably on my day 3 curls. Trust me it is the best thing you will do to your curls.


Flip your hair down and soak it under warm shower. Let your hair get completely drenched. Now take a bit of your curl conditioner on to your finger tips (you are still in flipped hair mode) and start applying it to your scalp. Start at the back scalp, come to the side scalp and then to the front. Now, have patience and thoroughly massage you scalp with you finger tips. You are not only cleansing your scalp with the conditioner but also stimulating hair growth. Yes! You are. After five minutes of massaging gently use more conditioner and work your way down to the length of your hair and drench those tips. If you feel its de-tangled enough, use a wide toothed comb and slide it through. Now put your hair up int a bun and let it sit for a minimum of 5-6 minutes. For deep conditioning you can put on a shower cap and let is stay for 30 minutes too. After this step wash the conditioner off with cold water. Ensure you rinse thoroughly to avoid product build up. too much conditioner and improper wash will lead to weighed down curls and make it mushy and extra oily. After this proceed with your usual styling products. For best results have the patience and let your hair air dry. The more heat you introduce the worse it gets. Seriously.


If you are on a budget you can definitely stick to basic brands that produce curly hair products like OGX or Tresseme conditioners or anything that does NOT have chemicals ending in -ates or -cones. They are those damage inducing chemicals your curls do not need.  I use this.  There are many other products there out in the market especially in the states. My curly girls in India, If you really love your curls and want to make a genuine effort the plain truth is to invest in good products it can be drug store or high end brand but really put in the patience and create a regime for your hair.

With all the heat and sweat, (thank you humidity!) Co-washing will really help you nourish and make your hair smooth and supple. Also a great option during winters.

So let me repeat, create a curly girl regime, stick to it, invest in good products, read the ingredients, be aware of what your are feeding your hair  and just don’t expect overnight results. Good things take time and I promise you it is worth the wait. Below are a few products that you could use.

  1. OGX Coconut Curls
  2. As I Am
  3. Tresseme
  4. Jane Carter
  5. Matrix Biolage
  6. Herbal Essence

Hope this helps your curly girl journey. I would love to see some before and after pictures if you guys would like to share it use #tffbeauty and follow my handle @kathikapoduval for a bunch of awesome other tips on beauty, fashion and clean eating.

Stay Flawsome,


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