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Never Judge An Outfit On The Hanger

A daily routine, the same meal at your favorite restaurant, that repetitive pretentious small talk with an acquaintance or enviously scrolling through someones feed wishing your life had more ‘oomph’ and then getting back to curling on your couch. A space from where you watch all these radical changes happening to people but you. A space that you feel secured in. A space you dread to get back to yet has become your vital addiction. A space we love. A space we relate to as ‘home’ called, the comfort space. Okay, so what does all that have to do this with this post? How is it relevant and how does it help you or your wardrobe? These questions will be cleared in a bit.

A sizeable chunk of us love to shop, we are hoarders. We walk into a store to shop something new, to give a “zing!” to our wardrobe but what we essentially walk out with, after throwing away all that cash will be eight out of ten times stuff that looks similar to what we already own. Comfort space. Many a times I have had the opportunity to experience the dreadful look and jump from people when I pick an outfit that is completely different and I mean far-reaching from a piece that may have multi-colors or palettes that are loud and bright. Colors that challenge people from fathoming “I could carry off that rainbow colored jumpsuit” as opposed to the usual “that’s not me. I could never pull that off”.

I am a whole new character when it comes to shopping, ask my best friends and they will tell you about the kind of colors I pick. I have had no qualms till date in rocking anything neon or multi-colored, starting from accessories to shoes.  As I had mentioned before I started this blog, my style is eclectic and that helps me help you. This post is for those of you whose journey with an ultra vibrant urban outfit ends in the trial room or just with an eye contact on the hanger. Using two of the many pieces from my closet here are two looks I created to give you a little nudge to not only try and buy but also wear it out and flaunt it.


While the myth for the non hour-glass figured women is to stay away from stripes. Here is a piece that is not only striped but also loud and technicolor at it. To push it even more , a closed neck. Now I personally know a dozen of people in my life who would go ‘woah!. isn’t that a bit much?’ The first step to crush this idea in your head is to NOT stare at it in the store on the hanger and judge the outfit. If there is even a little bit of you curious inside, be bold to take it and try it out, now you have conquered half the battle. For the next part, well, that is where I step in. You want an eye popping piece like this to be the show stopper of your outfit.

Top: Vera Moda Skirt: Forever21

The best way to achieve that and yet feel like “you” is to pair them with the humble monochrome palette. I paired this top with a sheer skirt, something that can easily be rocked for a night out. Take a break from dresses and camisole tops with jeans and add a quirk factor to your night. It will be refreshing and give you the confidence to be more bold with your choices while you are out and about spending that buck. Everything else apart from that one piece has to be toned down. My make up is completely leaning toward nude basic and the black sheer skirt gives a silhouette and brings together the whole look.


For a day out to the beach, shopping with the girls or just a date out with boo can be covered too. This next look is something I would gladly pick for such occasions.

Shirt and Skirt : Ajio.com

Add a fun element to your usual choices with a neon skirt like this one. I used a white box sleeved shirt with its inseams of the button and collar line which mimics the same neon color making this outfit look like a pair of co-ordinates. While it is not and are two random items from my closet.


While you can pair these pieces with many other colors, I stuck to the monochromes to help or pave a path for the curious but skeptical shoppers who struggle with the idea of picturing something like this in their wardrobe.


The industry today is dominated by fast fashion. Mainly because they are the most affordable to the bourgeois not to forget some stellar mimics of high end pieces on the runway giving us options to explore our fashion sense. We are the voluntary victims so why not make use of it, enjoy it while it lasts and give yourself an opportunity to tour through the options. After all variety is the spice of life isn’t it? 🙂

Hope you find this post and the tips and tricks mentioned it useful and helps you take a bold step in your next shopping spree. I would love to hear from you guys as always.


#tffyourbff ❤

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