Lets Layer Up

As I finished a sinful cup of hot cocoa, walked around beautiful Hamilton park with people singing melodious Christmas carols and watched my dearly beloved cook  dinner for me tonight(RARITY),  I realised I couldn’t be in a better mood to do a quick write up for this post. Winter fashion is all about layering. More the layers the warmer and better, but that does not mean you have to look buffed up underneath the layers and can’t look stylish. Here is an outfit I put together, with some of my basics. First layer is a navy polka dotted collar sheer shirt over which I wore a thin full sleeved sweater.


Next I added another layer of a lovely crimson knitted cardigan. (Read the previous line aloud and you will feel like you are listening to a red velvet cake recipe. :D)


I paired it with my blue high waist jeans and brown ankle booties. To spruce it all up I added a layered statement necklace that went perfectly with the outfit.


Finishing it all off with my new favourite staple, my wrap collared pea coat jacket from Zara.

Outfit Details: 

Shirt: Myntra.com |Jeans: Nakd.com|Cardigan:Charlotte Russe|Sweater: Glassons, NZ|Necklace: Flauntandfun.com | Booties: Pulp by R.Hannah|Coat: Zara


Hope you found this post useful and got some cool tips for your winter dress up sessions. Let me know if you love it.



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