Olive Luster

Hi guys, it’s been a while. :). It’s crazy how caught up one can get in one’s own over crowded thoughts. Trying to demarcate the fine line between finding independence and survival? If that makes sense at all to any one.  Anyway I have a fully set up home and life going on here and the only thing left is to find myself a kick ass job. While that hunt is going on I have been hogging amazing food from all the joints I can find. They say it will take a person more than 50 plus years to visit each and every pub and restaurant in New York City. Not surprisingly, I have added on oodles of weight and was not feeling very great about it. The irony right? I have blog called ‘The Flawsome Fashion’ and a few pounds smashes the founder’s confidence.

To put up this post was hard, because if I am not a hundred percent confident how do I represent my community or my cause? I had this shoot done a while back and I just kept it thinking how the world would perceive it and what comments I am going to get. Then I decided to stop whining, grow a pair and buckle up. I Ganked my insecurities and decided to post this anyway because like Selena Gomez once put up on her Instagram post ‘There’s more to love’. 

As I am typing up this post I can feel the winter chill setting in. We are at 3 degree Celsius right now and it goes down towards the night to minus. Before wrapping myself up in long winter jackets, fluffy socks and a warm cup of delectable hot chocolate one more fall post had to be done.  So here goes.


This look has some of the most favourite pieces from my wardrobe. A casual paper waist pants from Koovs.com, a white crop top from Factorie, NZ. My leather jacket that I got from ajio.com has become an essential for this fall season. I can literally pair it with almost anything to get that edgy look going.


Have any of you tried the Fenty collection yet? For my make up I used the Fenty beauty highlighter and the globally appealing lip gloss. You can use it directly or layer it over your favourite lip stick like I did.


My boots are from my favourite shoe store in New Zealand, R.Hannahs & co. And choker from the Bohoqueenjewellery.


I hope you guys like this look and are up and ready for some winter looks that is coming. I would like to dedicated this post all my newly married lovelies who may have put on a wee bit and may be feeling like you want to go under the table and never come out. I thought there is no better day to post this than on my 1st year wedding anniversary. Thank you guys for being so patient with my blog.

Here is to loving oneself no matter what the number on that scale is. 🙂 ❤


Stay Flawsome,



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