Gingham Glam ft Amrita K Iuliucci

It seems everyday the world is rumbling with loud bangs of gun shots, bombing, and all the torture humans cause each other with a belief they claim to be righteous. The very basic concept of humanity seems to be at stake. Least we could do for ourselves is start the love this world lacks at home, just like how they say ‘Charity begins at home’. A friend pointed out the problem of  an eating disorder. One that is prevalent in this pressurised society that apparently makes all the rules before we come of age to even conceive our basic  instincts.

Not all people with eating disorders are skinny , not everyone wit ED gets diagnosed, is anorexic, goes to therapy,exercises, or even knows that they have it. How many times have we looked at a friend who is having an athletic body type and commented on them with “funny” or “sarcastic” comments as a harmless joke. I know I have. I did not even realise this even though such comments were inflicted on me. Not that these are made with an intent of abuse but it involuntarily contributes to change the thought process on how we eat, what we choose to eat, what we brand as healthy or unhealthy and many other factors finally contributing and harming US, OUR BODY, OUR MIND AND OUR HEALTH.

Today, as a body positive ambassador on Street Runway is Amrita. A nature photography enthusiast, dog lover, dancer, poet, yapper specialist, dear friend to many and one of my closest. She belongs to the petite body type, one of the category many of us brand to leave comments like “you are so lucky, you can eat all you want.” or sitting in an auto telling “that two inch space will do for her”. The way I see it, all of us have our insecurities, the only thing that sets us apart is the fine line between expressiveness and strength. We base the experience society and life gave us and decide it is okay to comment such lines openly to any one who may posses a different body type. 

Look at these pictures and how gorgeous she looks in the outfit but would you believe it if I told you Amrita as a person felt this outfit is not one that she could carry off ? This is where TheFlawsomeFashion steps in. I styled her and added elements to this outfit that would make her comfortable enough to be a part of this blog and in the process be an inspiration to many who may stare at an outfit she bought and look at it harbouring cobwebs in the wardrobe. Anything we consider as out flaws are only inhibitions we carry with ourselves presenting themselves as our limitations, while it is not.


She is sporting a look that is far from fading away with summer. Gingham prints are here to stay. If any of you are following PFW the gingham suit and ‘co-ords’ being flaunted all over the city is hard to miss. This stylish yet chic romper is one such outfit and a perfect fit for early fall and also for my friends back home, who still suffer the heat and cannot experience fall.


For the bold, this outfit can be carried off without a bralette and casual pair of booties. For the ones who are a little more cautious and not on the edgier side ,make it work with a bralette of your pick that goes with the colour scheme.  The bows near the elbow and the pearl crusted floral choker makes this outfit fit for a ladies brunch or a tapas bar happy hour visit. Finishing the look with this jacquard look alike printed heels ready to kick the week days dreariness out of sight.


Outfit Details: Play suit: Soho Boutique || Choker: || Shoes: Catwalk

IMG_1339End of the day, all any of us truly ever want is to be carefree and not judged. Do what we believe is right learn from our mistakes and love the person we grow out to be as adults and be able to contribute back to the society making it a better place to survive in. So lets do just that. Let us look at all men and women and comment nothing. Let us look at what our friends eat and don’t eat and comment nothing. Let us respect one another no matter what we choose in body, mind and soul.  I hope you all think about it and share you thoughts with me. Until then…….

Stay real Stay Flawsome!



2 thoughts on “Gingham Glam ft Amrita K Iuliucci

  1. Hey, Karthika!

    Just couldn’t resist commenting. It’s been a while now that I am following your blog and I must say it is indeed ‘Flawsome Awesome.’ But, what inspired me more are your thoughts – not just in styling a person but even your overall sincerity. This article of yours that talk about not judging a person – I would say ‘respect.’ This lets anyone see your blogs, just not as a fashion blog, but much more about bringing out the beauty that’s already within them. Looking forward for more…! 😉


    1. Hi Komal. Your comment happened to be the first thing I read when I woke up and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for your kind words. Using my blog as a tool to reach people and help anyone feel comfortable and stylish is all I ever wanted. It means more than the world that you noticed this intent and idea . I always try and imply through my writing that if at least one person gets the idea of the ‘street runway’ concept then I have done something right and you validated that for me. Cheers to you and yes, lots more coming 🙂 ❤️


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