Road Trippin With Nature.

There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.

Lord Byron

There is always something momentous about about a road trip, especially when it is one involving a destination leading to nature. A subdued clasp that makes you feel like you never want to leave. Addictive, tantalising and  soothing all at the same time. Before I started this trip, I wasn’t fastened by deadlines or craved for “TGIFs” in fact, I had all the time in the world. So much so that, I could not distinguish the difference between each day. As easy as it is to think and make plans to finish checklists during free time like such, it sort of had a reverse effect on me. So, even though a trip all the way to the West-coast is a once in a life time thing , I took the decision in seconds as  my mind and body knew I needed it.  It gave me a pause button, one to look around and enjoy everything in sight and gain enough grit to handle things better. Things about myself and what lies ahead of me.


I would like to call this city as a place that has something for everyone. Eclectic in nature. A home for a variety of folks. Magnificent, stylish and a class apart. I had the fortunate chance of driving around small blocks, pretty streets, far off nature spots ,have pleasant tête-à-tête with locals like our uber driver and long time residents who left the city and came back for work. It had a sense of belonging that could make any one fall in love with it.


The famous east-west street, steep with eight hair pin bends surrounded by pavements adorned with flowers that flaunted  pleasant pastels in lavender shades is Lombard street for you. Though ‘Carl’ (that’s what they call the fog that regularly visits the city) was very much present and dimmed the mood a bit, it did not hamper our spirits and excitement.

 A walk down Lombard and aimless loitering enjoying the chilly weather and colourful streets, we went to our next destination ‘Ghiradelli’. Famous for all things chocolate and delectable desserts, I enjoyed a great cup of hot chocolate and proceeded for a lovely tram ride. With a single ride fare of seven bucks  we were able to view the city with the  Oakland bay bridge view.


A forty mile drive away from San Jose, we reached the beautiful city called Half Moon Bay. A city with a string of beaches to it’s pride.

As it was just a pit stop, a quick bask in the sun, the glorious waves and some fresh organic home grown fruits before we hit the road again was all we could afford.

Half Moon Bay Beach

Muir woods national monument. What can I say about this place, I felt like walking through a mystical forest. The sun glided through the narrow gaps in between the lush trees casting beautiful shadows on the rocks and dead roots. It almost felt like walking through the forests in “The Hobbit”. It took me back to my New Zealand days and my unforgettable South Island trip.

Nothing beats the tranquillity like the one you get by a walk in the woods or one you get lost in as you watch the waves. This day was my walk in rejuvenation spa.


Finally on our way back we stopped at a vista point which gave the most breath taking view of the golden gate bridge.



As the ship waved at me with its loud honk and the strong winds rushed past with its mighty yet comforting blow. This glorious day came to an end. What was waiting next was even better. Yosemite. Read all about it on my next post on TFF Travelogue. Hope you enjoyed this one.





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