Mauve-tallic Moments

It is the season of  thin sweaters and cooler days. The season for faux fur and pumpkin spice latte. The season for the trees to blush and boots to kick. The season for roads to look like sunset and pictures to look like a wall paper. As we sweep away the rustling leaves and summer woes. Let us step into jolly good Autumn and stock up on supplies before the winter snowflakes touches our nose.  Along with my little ode to fall, starting this post I will sport some cool fall outfits in the days to come.

With trends like Mustards, maroons,fringes, glitter, gold, leather, ruffles, corduroy everything, florals, one shoulders, neutral plaids and political slogans all over the Fall runway this year, options to play with your wardrobe are plenty. Key is to stay comfortable as the winds guzzle the warmth. It is necessary to keep in mind how to use the right fabrics and blend them to make sure you are up for this fall head on and ready.



The first look picture should make more sense in to the name of the post and why it is a perfect look for fall. With gold and glitter all over the runway using your metallics all the way till fall is a perfect excuse. Watch Amrita and I, as we flaunt some looks for the first set of fall posts on TFF.


Usually when I do a post on street runway I focus only on the model but today to bring out something different, I chose to style us together with the same concept that is mauve and metallic. Amri is more on the petite side while I belong to pear shaped as I would like to put it. Here you can see in a single frame, how we posses different body types yet styled to portray this look with maximum power.



Amri is sporting a mauve paper-bag pants from Mint market vintage boutique, Hoboken  and a sporty crop top from Vero Moda. A classic pair of mauve pumps from Vince Camuto. As this is a sporty casual look I styled her hair into a half up-do bun to match the elegant mood.  On me is a bishop sleeved mauve sweater from Nordstorm   and a statement metallic skirt from SRstore. My sneakers are a satin wrapped ankle slip on sneakers from Express.            


 Do you love fall fashion as much as me? Would you like to see more of posts where I join my street style representatives? I would love to hear your thoughts. These styles are really a cool, easy and chic way to rock this sweater weather. So lets do this the best way we can by loving every inch  of ourselves, representing that confidence for our body type no matter which one we posses and be proud of it .


Until then,Stay Real, Stay Flawsome!!



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