A Day In Napa Valley

It’s not very often you get to check off one the most unimaginable things in your bucket list, this was one of such importance to me. Napa Valley was always the alluring mermaid who sat on a rock and seduced me oceans away. My penchant for wine is no secret. Not because I love a glass (Who doesn’t) but for the variety and how it enhances the palette paired with the right delicacy.

TFF 1I was staying with my bestie at San Jose. So considering the traffic present at that hour it took us around two and a half hours to reach there. It takes an hour extra to reach the exquisite “Castello Di Amorosa” which is where we spent our day. The drive is nothing short of exuberant colours and vineyards neatly standing in a row. A sight to behold. We arrived during the harvesting season so the grapes were all hanging and shining ready to become some delicious wine.




A castle and winery located in Castiloga, California. Initiated in 2007 opening its doors to the public. There are many options to pick from premium wine tasting which consists of 5 wines and reserve wine tastings, where they let you taste their special reserve wine totalling 6. For an extra 5$ you can upgrade this tasting with a chocolate pairing, which is what I opted for.

The landscape around the castle starts of with a view of the entire Napa County. Before entering into the castle visitors can view the vineyards around and snatch some snaps with some furry domestic friends.


Key details and building techniques are architecturally faithful to the 12th and 13th century time period. Among many other features it has:  a drawbridge; defensive towers; an interior courtyard; a torture chamber and a chapel/church.

The torture chamber also holds a 300 year old iron maiden which the owner Dario Sattui bought for a large sum to bring authenticity to the castle. Inside the castle are barrels of wine stored away to age and ferment into the delicious wines they sell. Mr.Dario also keeps his private stash of reserve wines here.

Here is a quick clip on what went down during our tasting. He helped us taste the wine making us aware of the speciality of each one of them along with details on which cuisine it tastes best with. Finally you can decide which one you want to purchase and take home. My favourite are red wines so among the Sangiovese, Zinfandel and Il Brigante a blend between the two I opted to finally buy the blend.

The other little stop I would recommend would be a small town in Napa called Yountville. one that you can make time for if your time is as short as ours. A cute little town with many restaurants to bring down the buzz after all that wine. The restaurants are a bit more on the higher side so that way have them coins ready. As we had only three days to explore all of San Francisco we finished our trip around Napa with the castle and drove back to San Jose.



 So, how did you like this post? Be sure to comment and let me know I would love to hear from you guys. Many more Cali posts coming up, till then enjoy this one.

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