The Kalamkari Edition

“Dear diary, it has been a while and I wonder what took me so long to get back to you.” I should be writing something like this to my blog but here is the truth as I owe that to my readers. Lets say I have been feeling a little disabled due to current situation I am in. I will not get to the details of  it, but I am going to make an honest effort into maintaining the post frequency on the blog.  On that note, how are you all? I hope everything in all of your lives have been seeing a lot of productivity and positivity.

Summer is officially over and and Fall is here! This will be my first authentic Autumn experience now that I am here in the states. I am sure places back home like my beloved Bangalore must be moving on to sweater weather climate. A spin from the long humidity all of us would certainly welcome.

For those who celebrated Onam, my heartfelt wishes. I Hope this year brings all the prosperity and joy for all of you. This our first Onam together, for Nitish and I, after the wedding. While we missed home, family and all the traditional jazz dearly, I took the opportunity to create content that would be different and exciting. I am not one that goes into stitching outfits a lot, but alas! I am eclectic when it comes to my style and I did try out something different. I was certainly influenced by a close friend who steered my attention to authentic Indian prints, one that I usually don’t go to for western outfits. Our evergreen sarees and salwars look mesmerising on its own but I tailored a few to suit my style in such a manner that I could flaunt the prints and make it stylish on my own.

Here begins my post ” The Kalamkari Edition”. What I love about this hand-painted cotton textile is that the dyes are extracted from many natural substances like crushed flowers, roots, seeds and mineral salts etc. Sustainable fashion to a certain extent and of course cotton being one of the most breathable fabric there is and loved by many. Here is a first look.


I loved this particular print the second I laid my eyes on it. I instantly had ideas on how I would request my tailor to stitch it. This will be one of many pieces I will share with you all. I purchased the materials from “Nalli silks”. I remember how the sales executive from the store ripped off the brown paper that covered these materials as they had just arrived and was still not up on the shelves. Seven metres of this beauty that cost me as less as seven hundred and fifty bucks to create this ensemble.


I have often been asked on how to accessorise for urban ethnic wears. So let me get into the details of how I would style this outfit. ‘Less is more’ is what I believe when it comes to accessories and I am sure that is something all of you would have noticed on my outfits. For a bit more modern contemporary look, I have stuck to a statement watch one of my favourites, a ceramic Skagen and the timeless hoop earrings, I went for a rather huge one as I love them.


The prints are loud and strong as is the colour that makes this garment stand out even more. Naturally, it would be wise to balance the look. Hence, I picked a sleek set of hoops.

For the those who would like to be a bit more adventurous you can go for a colour blocking approach with your trinkets. I used my authentic ‘Odiya’ tribal jewellery with a crimson and metallic colour combination which seemed ideal to me.


I have a couple ideas for my future posts on mind from the recent instagram live session we had. That apart, inputs are welcome. Hope all of you who faced hurricane Harvey are safe , I will pray for you and your family. Friends in Florida and southern part of the country , I hope you have evacuated or have arranged for safety before hurricane Irma hits.

Did you like this post? Share your thoughts or write to me on any requests you may have to 

Stay Safe, Stay Real, Stay Flawsome.

❤ #tffyourbff

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