Ft Sarang Venkatesan

Hi guys, how was last week. I am spending my days partially in solitary mode trying to make it as productive as possible. As I walked through the streets of New York last week I was on the look out for street fashion. As we all have heard, New York is one of the biggest the fashion hub there is. To me, just sitting at Times Square and staring at the wide mix in culture was a treat by itself. Everyone becomes a sneaker head once you hit the streets here, I rarely saw any one in heels. Well, at least during the day.  With all the caps from ‘lids’ and sneakers around I couldn’t help but notice how much the hipster culture has taken over. Be it a person new to the country, some one back on a visit or the street dancers blissfully showing off their skills and doing what they love, you will notice or feel the theme of free spirit in the air.

Today’s post falls very much in this same league. There is an outfit I have been wanting to experiment for a long time now. A piece which is a symbolic part of the “Hipster culture”, ‘the suspenders’. Keeping the theme in mind I could not have found a better person to portray this fashion for the male category, Mr.Sarang Venkatesan. Nitish and I call him our adopted son simply because he is family. A brother, a friend, a softy, the guy who all the girls have crush on but he wont admit and our very own favourite. I have done a petite girl post in the past, giving tips on choosing the right clothes and focus areas. Here, I believe  I can confidently say this ones for you guys. If any of you men are out there who are almost always called “skinny” or tend to be categorised to that section, you should know that you can carry of fashion in your own way that no one else can. So keep reading as Sarang  patiently let me style him and confidently poses  in two different ensembles.


Look at him all dapper and ready. Using few simple pieces from your wardrobe you can transform looks and be on top of your style game. Look one came together with few classics like a crisp white casual shirt and blue denim.


I got him to roll up the jeans to give this outfit a more casual look. Bringing all of it together and making this look different and awesome is a pair of blue suspenders that makes this outfit stand out. An Adidas super star, a pair of sleek shades and brown leather bracelet accessory to complete the look.



While look one gives a more business man on a casual day out look, here is the second one. Wear it to Goa, wear it to a pool party or just a day out with your buds.


I am the last person you should come and tell that guys can’t wear pink. Take a look at this casual pink t-shirt and these navy blue ‘Vans’ gelling into the outfit like they were meant to be.


Letting those suspenders loose glorifying an off duty look. You can look for yourself how subtle changes made a whole lot of difference in the way a person can look.

No matter what physique you posses there is always something for you to look stylish in. If you belong to the leaner side you don’t necessarily have to buy shirts twice your size to make your self look bigger. Own who you are, love the way you look and be comfortable in your skin.

Pro Tip: Ladies, the model is single! 😉

I hope you like what you read and I also hope I helped few of you guys out there today with this post. If it did inspire your styling, do click a picture and share it on instagram with the hash tag ‘#tffyourbff ‘ and I will feature you. Until the next post…

Be yourself and be stylish,



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