Ft Karthikeyan Nagarajan

Hi guys, I know its been a while. Almost three weeks, but no one is updated about my life as my TFF fam. It has been crazy moving from one country to another, moving from a country that is home and completely spoils you to one where you have to fend for yourself from big things like credit card scores to minute things like getting your own furniture assembled if you want to sit on them. Although, you must know that there are no complaints anywhere here. I am loving every bit it. I am a sucker for new experiences and quite honestly that is all I am getting. Well, enough about me lets talk about “The Debutant”. There is a reason I named this as a heading for my blog graphic, because no one so far has shown so much voluntary enthusiasm and zest in being a part of my blog and my journey as Mr.Karthik.

To be new at something is one thing, but when you are new at something that you always wanted to do or attempt at all your life it is another thing altogether isn’t it? That is the kind of interest he showed and why would I say no? The very essence of my work is in spreading this confidence and that is what I saw in this entry. To know that theflawsomefashion has made an affect on all age groups irrelevant of gender is the dream and this kind of interest is a start at that.

A professional, a family man and a passionate Rotarian. When one needs help he is always there. Be it something he can help on or something that can be done with some strings pulled, he will get the job done. A go-getter with a fervor  to shine in different fields apart from his daily routine. A nature I have not seen in many at this age and seriously, that counts!


We experimented with two looks, the first one is a casual corduroy pants with a printed shirt. One that can be flaunted on a date night out with your better half on a holiday.


Accessorised with a smart Fedora hat and brown tinted shades that helped in bringing this look together.


One among the very few who actually did not struggle with camera shyness and aced the photo shoot like a professional. I honestly would say that it usually takes my subject the first thirty minutes to get comfortable but he was a stunner and a complete natural.


Look two is to do more with a semi formal look. On a casual friday errand day or field day at work. Something comfortable to run you through the entire day.


A plaid shirt with straight cut pants and a black slip on formal shoe did the trick.


Last and finally you guys know how much It takes for an individual to come in front of the camera and pose. To believe that you are perfect for yourself and love yourself is one of the most important traits Mr.Karthik portrayed. One of my first voluntary entry at “Street Runway”. I hope you enjoyed this post. I have the rest lined up for you guys so I am back and here to stay. Thank you for the patience and trust you have shown so far and I truly appreciate it.



2 thoughts on “Ft Karthikeyan Nagarajan

  1. Extremely proud that I am featured in your fashion blog. Thank you so much for the wonderful write up. I can now rest in peace with happiness since a long cherished dream has now been fulfilled.
    Thank you once again.


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