My Shampoo Day Routine

Hi Guys, so after an overwhelming response on Instagram as well as on a personal level on my whatsapp, I have decided to go ahead with the ‘TFF Beauty’ streak. I got a few DMs on Instagram, requesting on my hair care routine on my shampoo day. So the best way to explain this would be of course in a video. So this time I have put together an elaborate video. Going through various steps that I perform to take care of these locks. It is long but, Hey! anything for the mane right?  🙂


Step 1:


Before I do anything I use a wide toothed comb and de-tangle my hair. As i do not use comb on my hair to avoid frizz the only time I use it are three times. This is the first(1/3). To remove the tangles.

Step 2:


 Next I oil my hair with king coconut oil, you can use any coconut oil that you have at home. After applying the oil wait for 30 mins

Step 3:


After the wait I shampoo my hair. I suggest a low poo conditioner which basically means a shampoo without “parabens” and “sodium laureth sulphate”. I use the ‘Rainforest Volume Shampoo and Conditioner by Body shop’. 

Step 4:


After shampooing obviously you condition your hair but use good amount of conditioner. Your curls need it!! I use three full squirts and leave it on for 10 mins. While I do this I comb my hair. (2/3)

Step 5:


 Now I apply my Livon hair serum and take a coin size of my styling gel ‘Kardashian Beauty Twirl Me Curl Defining cream’ and comb my hair (3/3) . You can get it here Post this I diffuse my hair for a good 20 mins. Not too much and not too less. If you already have a diffuser great! If not Its a great idea to invest in one. I got mine from here.

Step 6:


This is a step that has worked for me. After diffusing your hair is not going to be completely dry. If you want that natural fall on your curls you need to let it air dry a bit. So I clip up the front section of my hair (As shown in video). This not only gives volume but also helps dry hair quicker. At this point I also use serum again to finish the tips of my hair

Step 7:


I like my bangs straightened. So I use my hair iron and iron that bit. After this I scrunch well and finish! 🙂

Now you are ready to rock curly girl! ❤

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