Ruffle It Down

I am a shopaholic. Does that sound like a confession? Well it isn’t! Though there are many a times when my mom and husband has been planning an intervention or contemplating on sending me to a support group, I know for a fact that none of that is going to ever work on me. Retail therapy is the real deal medicine or escapade for people like me. It is not the poison but the cure that draws  me back to being optimistic, confident and ready to take on the bullshit the big bad world has for me.

With the comfort of online shopping and prices being a huge gamble, honestly, I am addicted. For example, I recently purchased this top from ‘Vera Moda’ for lets say one thousand rupees. Three days later, the same thing appears to be 400 bucks lesser. When you are a certified shopaholic those few extra bucks matter. Along these lines another mistake is getting the wrong size. I don’t know if this is just me but I have this habit of falling in love with a top so much that if my size is a small and if is not available I order the next size, because Hey! Brands differ and it’s just a matter of few inches. Now take it from me never do that, but if you do, here is how you can work it to your advantage.

Welcome to today’s post. A buy that went wrong worn two ways and boy! I will not sell it on any reselling apps. So if any of you would like to take a strapless ruffled top and wear it in two different ways keep reading this one’s for you.


I am sure many of you may have come across this strapless ruffled top on This happened to be a little loose on the bust area and that is enough for me or anyone in my place to get uncomfortable. Fortunately or unfortunately after I left my job and got back home for two months before I leave to the states, I gained some weight and it was as ill fitted as before.


For the first look I went for a casual yet sexy look pairing this ruffled top with my go-to comfy shorts. Minimalist accessories with my favourite dainty necklace, and wrapping up my look with my favourite ‘Keds by Taylor Swift’. They never go out of style and I totally love them.


Now I literally ‘multi-purposed’ my way into this top. Taking advantage of the wrong size factor I converted this top to a cool asymmetrical ruffled skirt.


All you have to do is pull down the top all the way through to your hips and fold the sleeves across your waist line and secure it with a safety pin. To give it the effect of a dress. Accessorise with a belt of your choice. I picked my crochet knot belt which I did not get a chance to use over the years. Now, I can.


Matching my belt to favourite ‘Steve Maddens’ and the “skirt” to my ‘Gigi choker’ I finished this look. It is easy to recreate this look and is something that you can wear for a day out to the mall or even a date with little changes.


I hope this post helped a little bit on how you can maximise clothing in your wardrobe and create totally different looks. So as you are sipping on you evening or chugging on your beer mug and scrolling through this post. Give it a like and share the post because I need all the I can get. For those who have not followed me on my Instagram yet, please scroll to the bottom of the page and do so. ❤

Outfit Deets

Look One:         


Shorts: Ginger, LifestyleStores

Chain: Accesorize

Shoes: Keds by Taylor Swift

Look Two:

Top: Glassons, NZ

Belt: Street Shopping, Bangalore

Choker: Bracelet: PipaBella

Shoes: Steve Madden





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