Maxi Marvel ft Shradha Mohanty

“You are imperfect. Permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.”

-Amy Bloom

I have often been questioned by family and friends as to what is the point of me styling different people. What is the objective behind this concept. So I am going to take out these few lines to explain it. The motive behind “Street Runway” is body positivity. I style people whom you may see on a daily life basis with clothes from their wardrobe. The difference being the outfits they wear are curated in a way he/she would have never thought they could wear, there by expanding styling options. Most importantly, coming on a platform like  a blog that will be exposed to the world isn’t one that everyone is comfortable in. To be bold enough to come forward and be ready is one, but by doing so these profiles stand as a testimony to the body positivity concept I am trying to spread. “Love yourself , just the way you are”. I hope to provide these profiles as an inspiration to anyone that comes across The Flawsome Fashion. If at least one of you could relate to any of the members who is a part of ‘TFF Street Runway’, and they stand as an example conveying the message ‘If he/she can be this confident and stylish, I can too’ then, my job is done. 

On that note here is the next model on TFF ‘Street Runway’, Shradha Mohanty. A part of my bestie squad. The geek of the gang, The singer, The artist , The writer and most importantly a driving force that encouraged me constantly in beginning this blog. She is so good at the all of it that she keeps every other talent under the wraps. I am the shopaholic room mate that happened to her. one thing I know for sure is that I transformed a key aspect in her. No, not her life but her wardrobe. We had our cupboards side by side at our hostel. One could have a look at it and deduce the personality each one possessed. While mine was adorned with a silver netted scarf that bore all my earrings that lay in random fashion and apparels stuffed in, her’s contained, a huge spider man stuff toy, books stacked in at least two shelves along with few t-shirts and Bermuda shorts all purchased from the men’s section. I have known her for over six years, I have witnessed the change from baggy shorts and tee to flaunting a bohemian beaded earrings and brown eyeliner as a part of outfit to work.


There is something about capturing a persons personality on camera. For most of the profiles you would see attitude, poses, glances and poker face stares. With Shradha some how, none of that worked. We had some like that but, my most favourite ones were her being herself. Playful, goofy and all smiles. Just the way everyone loves her.


Shradha loves the beach, she loves the bohemian hippy ‘couldn’t care less’ culture.So I decided that I will style her in something that resonates the same, but glam up. Something she could wear to a romantic dinner by the beach shack. Something bright, colourful and fun.


Shradha belongs to the hour glass body category. She is around 5’6-5’8 and so a maxi dress was a perfect outfit for her. Yes, she has grey highlights which is an added oomph to this exotic look.

Tips From this Look:

  • Great for body time with bigger bust
  • The sleeveless sweet heart next takes attention of people who are shy of bigger hips as sweet heart neck line accentuates the waist.
  • An easy way to wear horizontal strips is to choose bold prints
  • The prints take the attention of the myth “Stripes may you look wider”
  • Any one who is extremely tall can enjoy the benefits of a maxi dress.


To accessorise, when it comes to such looks which holds bold prints stick to a simple piece that creates a statement like this jade green single holders. It makes a world of a difference and is truly the cherry on top.


That’s all on today’s post. Lots more coming up. I have around two weeks before I leave, but I will try and keep this going as much as possible. If you like what you saw please do scroll to the bottom of the page and follow my social media handles and spread the word.  Self love is utterly important to mental health and if this venture made sense to you I hope you will share the love. 🙂



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