Breaking Boundaries

Fashion, a language that challenges the understanding of an individual’s perspective on it. A sector that makes the trends and a sector that waits to follow it. Yet, even as a spectator to anything that we call as “in” the way one emulates it or portrays it becomes his or her own individual language and style. The most important aspect about such a  fact is that it gives the freedom irrelevant of gender age or status to explore. Yet, how many people do you know who actually embraces the idea of experimenting in fashion? If you ask me, a handful of youngsters and that is it. Some of us try and break that boundary of insecurity and manage to join the bold clan but what about men and women who cross a certain age. How many times have you heard “oh, I am old now. Who cares?” I am sure that will be a lot. Everyday. In your own home. When you suggest outfit changes or mix matches or just simply a new shirt or saree to your mom or dad how many times do they co-operate? How much effort do you think they bother to put in? The answer to that is one I am going to let all of you ponder. I hope that the results to these questions will be a change that will resonate in your home amongst you favourite people. Just think of how empowered you feel when you are happy in your own skin wearing what you want and if you could help extend that confidence to the people who brought you to this world. I think an imagination of that will convey the picture I am trying to paint here.

Breaking myths, ideologies, perspectives and what a person or model should look like or dress like is a big part of my venture. To tear down the judgements, to make one question themselves. Here is the next model of my “Street Runway” project. Mr.L.Sabhaa Singharam, suave and sophisticated yet gracious,selfless,humble and simple human being. I know his kith and kin can add on to that list of names. A pillar to many and a shining example of how a true socialite with genuine humanitarian ideals should be like. I often have trouble convincing any one above a certain age limit to be a part of The Flawsome Fashion but, uncle agreed immediately and I know it is because he knows how important this journey is to me. So let me extend my gratitude to you uncle for the multitude of things you have done for me and this being one more on that list.

We did two looks. One casual holiday look that anyone can mix up from their wardrobe. The point of this look is to let people who wish to wear such outfits and feel it is not for them that, it is for you too! There no such thing as “nobody cares”. There is one person who should, and that is YOU.



The first outfit comprises of a casual white t-shirt paired with a formal shirt but composed with these beige khaki shorts to make the formal ‘Balmain-Paris’ shirt a casual one. A look fit for a yacht party or any casual holiday.


We all have one material object that we love or collect, the item that you will find in uncle’s closet is a collection of hats. Fedora, ivy, top hat name it, he has it. So it was only natural to incorporate one in my looks. This was one he purchased from London, that you adjust to make it look like a ‘beret’ or an ivy. Of course it is color coded with the outfit and one of the items that brings the outfit together.


Look two is interesting because it is something that I think is a mixture of the American flannel shirt and the Indian ‘Nehru jacket’


What would other wise be something paired with the traditional safari suit or Indian kurta has been given a modern twist. Along with a pair of jeans and loafers this flannel shirt has a touch of this traditional jacket that gives you the opportunity to flaunt it in any club member parties. Uncle who is an active participant in his community, most of the time the heart and soul of the functions gets many opportunities to flaunt a casual off-duty look like this one.


If you enjoyed this post and felt you saw something different from what you see everyday give it a thumbs up and share it on you social media. Do no forget to send in any feed back or requests to me. All my contacts are on the bottom of the page. For daily updates follow ‘theflawsomefashion’ on instagram.



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