Ikkat Illusion Ft Manju Deepika

In a world of mass production which may or may not contain authentic components be it clothes, food, cosmetics or anything we use in our day to day lives, some of us still exist who keep organic authenticity close to our hearts. When the same was an everyday reality in the yesteryears, now it is luxury. Not one that can be owned with earnings of basic bread and butter. So fam, an exciting styling session with one of my favourites, Manju. An original. The boss woman. The one you go to if you want a reality check. One of the very few I know who sticks to good old stitching with hand woven good cotton materials and prints. And How? In the most classy ethnic way.

Today’s post is all about recycled fashion. How you can really change the look of a dress other wise plainly worn into something chic, easy, comfortable. How to ensure that sultry days will not rule your sartorial choices. Something you can wear all day long to brunch or work simply, by playing with fabrics. This was so much fun and only the pictures will do justice to what I am trying to explain.

So lets have a first look and then I will get into details.


Doesn’t she look stunning? I think so. I love how this looks like a complete set including the accessories, yet It is different little pieces of elements working together.


Okay, so lets take it from the top. Manju is donning a hand stitched ‘Ikkat’ printed dress. The dress on its own is a simple sleeveless dress stitched in the form of an ankle length ‘Anarkali’. The top is a linen pull over shirt that is worn on top of this dress which I folded and tied a knot around the back. Let me show you what I am talking about.

Getting in to nitty gritties. I finished this look with a nice goat leather bag. This awesome belt from Koovs which just works so well with many outfits. Jewellery, we layered trinkets one from Orissa and the coined necklace from Jaipur.  Over all you can notice I have stuck to one colour with the metallics. All of them have a copper-bronze finish.



What I hope all of you take away from this post is to understand that you do not need to have high end branded cloned items in your closet. The prettiest of things can be formed with the very simple items in your closet. So take a good look again and you may see that they are trying to talk to you. All the items you see here on Manju are things owned by her and right out of her wardrobe. A little thought goes a long way.

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