Goth It

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

                                                                                                        – Coco Chanel

Hi Fam, it has been a while. How has the past week treated you? I had some chores and personal work that had to be done which kept me busy. I used to often wonder how goth culture would be accepted in India. A place that has diverse culture and heritage often ends up getting extra judgemental on women, especially if it comes to what we wear. The concept of being a little different itself takes it’s own time to reach a considerable level of acceptance. I have always mentioned how I like to be experimental and eclectic with my style. Today, I hope to inspire styling tips on this.

I have always been about ‘real fashion’. On how I can help you guys come up with styles with the things that you already have. Let us call it ‘the girl next door fashion’ and let me tell you having that tag line does not mean you have to be ‘plain jane’ or simple. It does not mean you can only do so little with the basic apparels we own. We can do so much more! To help towards this goal is what I strive for and what I keep in mind whenever I create content. I always like to do what I love with a whole lot of thoughtfulness in it. Otherwise, to me it simply deviates from my goal.

Let me take you through the look I have for you guys. Goth fashion is predominantly identified as mysterious, dark, complicated, edgy and my opinion savagely sexy. While not a lot of us may be completely comfortable in flaunting a black lipstick (First thing I plan to buy when I step into a New York beauty store)  but I am here to tell you that there are so many ways around it.


The key when it comes to make up here is the details. As you can see I wanted this theme to be goth yet a wearable version given our community. So I have gone with my “Nyx Butt Naked” palette which creates some exquisite brown sooty look. After prepping your face with your shade of foundation and contouring if you might add, use any palette that you have to create an unkempt luscious brown look. I used my ‘Estee Lauder’ brow lift double pen and used it as a lip liner and also filled my lips with it . After this, I used my Bon Bon from Nykaa nude which leans to a deep plum with strong brown under tones after filling my entire lip with the  brow pen. once this is done, use a thin flat brush and line below your lower lash line to complete the look. I would like to remind this is not completely goth but giving a different and rebellious twist to anyone who wold like to delve into with this category of fashion.


The outfit starring is the popular rose print on a sheer slip dress. While this dress is perfect to give you a dainty look for a date night. You can also transform it and take it to the next level. I got the dress from “forever21”


Give this slip dress a white whip up with a crew neck t-shirt and your favourite white casual sneakers. This will allow you to easily wear it outside an yet be a head tuner.



You can create a fun little hairstyle like I did or come up with your own new version. I have attempted an anime ‘odango bun’. You can fluff up the bun with faux hair or just be confident to rock it with the natural volume of your own.


















The Odango Bun is as simple as parting your hair in two sides and twisting them in to small buns. You can add a dash of color with fake extensions or add volume by using the readily available buns over which you can simple distribute your hair.

That’s all for today folks. Hope you like this different yet wearable look that I whipped up for you guys. Send in any styling requests for any specific occasion or  certain style that you would want me to provide tips on. Until then keep showering your support and share your feed back with me.



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