Millennial Grunge

If there is anything at all standing obvious in front of us right now with respect to fashion world , it is the fact that the 90’s are back. Bigger, better and bolder. The era of Kurt Cobain and Winona Rider. The IT list and definitely a hit. So naturally, today I have picked the good old 90’s as the theme and given it the Gen Y edge. It was the age of some of the coolest grunge icons, the age of bands like ‘Nirvana’ and ‘Pearl Jam’.

Grunge fashion is what I have picked up today. Couture grunge culture, very prevalent and one that you will find in the high fashion streets. Elements of punk with inexpensive pieces of fabric. It was the age of teen rebels. The ripped jeans, flannels, the fishnet stalkings. Anything that could be picked of a thrift store and made into a stylish and unkempt rebellious look, defined grunge. While this was an expression that arose due to excessive capitalism bull shit, It  was not long before designers made it an in thing.

This look as the signature statement starts off with my brother’s flannel shirt. That is how effortless it should be to put this look together. An oversized shirt from his wardrobe picked off and paired with my favourite basics did the magic.


Content creation based on period fashion is the most interesting information for me. Not only does one learn about style, but the actual reason behind why a certain style came up, falls into the picture as well. When one knows this, one’s perspective to fashion shifts. I would assume  a deeper understanding as such makes designers like Rei Kawakubo different and one to be celebrated.


I paired the flannel shirt with my ripped and distressed boyfriend jeans. Inside it a black tunic neatly tucked in. You can also swap the tunic with an oversized band t-shirt. Oversized is a big thing now. Ruffles, sweats, jackets, t shirts all of them are better when bigger.


In a traditional grunge you would see a little more worn out shoes or scuffed studded boots predominantly black. As I am giving this a millennial twist I have given our favourite staple of the time the crisp white zip up sneaker. Also the explanation to the tucking in of my tunic. Since here, I am giving it a Gen Y edge.


Lets jump into accessories and make up. Grunge would often pick elements of accessories from goth. A leather bracelet or a punky spiked ring. In my look I have stuck to a faux leather choker with some dainty chains that I mixed carefully to make sure the metallics worked together. The quintessential rounded dark shades to top off the look , bringing my outfit together.

As for make up, I used some simple kajal and spread it with some clean cotton buds to give it the smokey, yet unkempt “out all night” look. Some thick mascara and dark lip shade. This is my favourite shade called ‘Bon Bon’ from the Nykaa nude lip collection. The jeans is from forever 21 and the glasses are from


Well, that’s all for this week. Let me know what you guys thought. Did wearing ripped jeans and flannel shirts make more sense knowing their history? 🙂 If this post inspired you or gave you some ideas. Try on some grunge looks and share your pictures with me  on instagram using the hashtag, #tffdressup and I will feature the best looks on my blog. If you haven’t followed me yet scroll to the top of the page and click on the instagram icon, to find my handle there. Wishing my favourite people a happy and fun filled weekend. ❤

Stay Real,Stay Flawsome



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