Prints Play

“It’s not about trying too hard, it has to be effortless” – Cara Delevinge

The weather is soaring even in Bangalore and so are the colours that I carry in my outfits these days. What better season than summer to enjoy some cocktail shrimps, a glass cold mojito , ripe sweet yellow mangoes and of course colourful vibrant prints styling inspiration with  The Flawsome Fashion. Hey guys hope this week has been great for you, I had a rather short one. With the temperature boiling us at this rate I have been opting for really light cotton fabrics and extremely loose clothes. Jeans is everyone’s staple and all that. while it is still very much a part of my summer wardrobe, I am finding myself and my hands rush towards the flared palazzo pants and parallels. So here we have two looks, inspired from this idea. Be ready for a lot of colour pop pictures.


I love how this outfit came together. This weather especially gives you the option to mix and match so much, be it with your tops, kurtas and the accessories to go with them. Like I said jeans are still very much a staple in my wardrobe. It’s not simply advertised when they say ‘Live In Levis’ that is pretty much what happens in real life. Watch how I paired a buttoned up kurta using it like a jacket with a simple jeans and Indian ethnic top to give this look and edge over other summer looks. Without further delay on my love for styling babble here is a first look.



The kurta, a complete buttoned down kurta which you can wear on its own, from  Melange. The top picked up from a local store in Coimbatore. Here and there if you have your eyes open, you find these rare gems. That is how much I love this top. It goes with almost anything.


You can wear this on any normal to hot day, to run chores and if you do plan to meet up a friend later at night for dinner, lose the kurta and rock the top with any go to clutch that you have. Casual Indo Chic.


The choker is from my go-to accessory store, PipaBella. The silver based look of the choker perfectly complemented the look of the top and the kurta. I am sure you guys can incorporate looks like this from any button kurtas or even a shirt dress. 🙂

Now if you loved this, lets get to the next look shall we?


Look two is very summer urban tribal, I incorporated completely different pieces together. They have some great Indian prints and strong colours. No other artisans offer the authenticity and uniqueness you see in each and every hand print or stamp printed fabrics like that of ours. From a piece taken from a branded cotton store like Fab India , to something picked out of pure shopping urge you can play with them to take your summer looks to an edgy level. Take a look.


I have been lucky enough to have have really funky stuff gifted by some of my coolest friends. Considering how much of an accessory junkie and shopaholic I am. They have always given me the best of pieces which I have been able to incorporate for myself and now for you guys.


The statement piece on my neck was gifted by a bestie which she bought all the way from Orissa.  Perfect tribal jewellery. Ever since I was a young teen I have always loved tribal jewellery for some reason. My mom and aunts use to tease me telling I must have been an origin of a different country in my previous birth. Beads of all sizes, shells, copper plates kadas, I even had an anklet that looked like one a hippie lord shiva would own.


The top was gifted by another close friend, if I remember it right from commercial street in Bangalore. When you see the whole ensemble you know why I named this capsule as print play. Its amazing how well they worked with each other. Thanks to my supportive husband for these pictures. I quite literally woke him up and got him to click me the first thing , mid morning.

There are many concepts introduced by big brands, which I have have not featured yet. I would wear a bum shorts and a cartoon printed shirt and flaunt it but not a lot of you may be ok with shorts not because you don’t want to but the environment around you may be something that doesn’t let you be two hundred percent comfortable in them. That is the reason you have been seeing very urban ethnic ideas in the last two posts. I, in real want you guys to be able to implement these ideas. 🙂 Legit! Coming posts I will show more western inspired ideas. Hoping you love what you saw. Here is to another week with ….



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