Playfully Petite ft Nischitha Adhikari

Hi guys, here is another styling session done with so full of enthusiasm and excitement for Nischita a.k.a pischi as I lovingly call her. Cute, smart and full of naughty giggles with the right mix of sarcasm would be the best way to describe Nischi. As you all know the major goal of this blog is to be body positive, to love oneself despite all the flaws and imperfections that you think you may have. To let you know those little flaws make you unique. That said this capsule is for all my petite framed TFF lovers.

“Why do you have to go to the gym?”, “You can eat whatever you want.” “For her, a corner inch of the space on the car seat will do” Do any of these lines sound familiar to you?. Well, here are some cool styling tips and looks I curated for Nischitha whose body type belongs very much to this category. The right mix of clothes with the right prints matter. Below you will find two looks, a classy and sophisticated formal wear and a really cute barbie girl look. As you read along I will share some useful tips and tricks for you guys which you can emulate to you daily styling.

Look One:

Here is a classy and chic look for all you cutsies. Swear by the heels and skinny pair of pants. That apart, one of the most versatile and timeless class is contributed by a go to pair of stilettos. Everyone must own one. Just like a denim shirt or your favourite pair of black leggings you love to lounge in, this, is equally important. Given the factor that we now, have a variety of heels to choose from and block heels being my saviour of all times, whats not to own one? It’s feminine, it takes care of your posture, It gives you the ‘oomph’ factor and most importantly extra confidence. Ok enough of yapping here is Nischi and her make-over.


Another important tip is to focus on the accessories you carry. To complement your body frame carry smaller accessories. Avoid tote bags that cover you and emphasise on the height factor. The smaller the better. Never shy away from being bold with colours.


So, on to her outfit. Here, we have a beige under toned outfit giving it a pop of colour just enough to give it some freshness. Not too flashy, not too eye-popping, just enough to wear for any semi-formal occasions or even to work. If you have a work environment where formal wear is a must this is a really great option. The stilettos are as evergreen as it could be and the blazer is just chic personified.


As for outfit details, The blazer is from Zara, Pants from Bershka, Burgundy Spaghetti top from Commercial Street, Bangalore, Shoes and Bag from Aldo.

Look Two:

Here we went for a 360 degree flip. From formal fashionista to one of the cutest fun girl next door, true to her personality and nature. With the help of bold colours and a classic white pair of sneakers, take a glance at her next look.


This was my favourite one. What I loved the most is when she told ‘I did not realise that this cardigan could go with this shirt’ 😀 that’s when I knew, I truly helped. For petite frames always wear outfits that enhances your waist line. So grab that high waist jeans, skirts, for the bold a pair bum shorts and any thing that hugs your waist line.


By the time she got into this second look, she got all “Tra-la-la” in her zone and absolutely enjoyed the clicks. A little effort into the right styling can help you. The casual shirt and cardigan along with the little sling bag is from Bershka,  and the white sneakers are from Koovs. 

1. What does fashion mean to you?
It would be way of expressing oneself while keeping a balance between comfort and style. Feeling confident and good about oneself, sometimes looking different.

2. One thing I would change about my personal style.

 Sometimes I wish I could be like those girls who contour their faces every day, curl their hair, and dress sexy-polished, kind of like Kim Kardashian! But then I laugh and throw my hair into a bun and get on with my day.


Last but not the least, here is a look at the eye make up done. She has naturally thick eyebrows and long eyelashes so not much work done there, apart from a bit of the filling in the eyebrows. I used the Huda Beauty, Rose Gold palette.  A Shimmery centre transcending to a soft smokey eye look.

3. The TFF Experience.

It was a super fun experience for me. I had such an amazing time shooting with you. Thank you for the cool styling tips. Definitely brought some insight into how I would style my daily outfits.

And there we have it folks, another entry and another set of useful styling tips for the petite framed pretty lilies. There is a lot more and they will come I swear. Anything you would like to see, any requests you have, please bring it on. For those who have already requested some styling tips, like tall girls fashion and airport style looks. I have not forgotten you. They are coming soon. Until  then, love yourself and live for yourself .

Stay Real, Stay Flawsome,



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