TieThatKnot11- Part III

It was the night of the golden flared gown, the entry of fireworks, the setting of blue waters and rich plum sets, the Bollywood and Tollywood night, the best friends who were singers, the battle of dance moves and the last and final function of our wedding bonanza. From start to the end carefully crafted backdrops and decorations to making sure we enjoyed our night thoroughly well and all the credits goes to my mother-in-law who is more like a friend to me along with the support of Sister, pop-in-law and Nitish. To view the extravaganza, read on..

It was a continuous string of festive affairs. Those who have gone through with it may find it resonating. You can only see it to believe the beauty of this night. It was the last night of a string of functions. I for one was going to certainly miss it. For whats worth I felt like a princess in every moment.

My make up was done by Anu and Pam from Toni & Guy. We opted for a dense smokey eye with a golden shimmer of course.I am usually not one to stick to fake eyelashes but this eye make up was so good, that I gave in.


The beautiful setting before the whole function started.

Just before we made it for the grand entry we had a fun photo shoot with my favourite girls while Nitish was right there watching the whole thing. The boy did not even take time to get dressed.

Finally after few hours of dressing up I was finally ready for our big and final night. We had to catch my princess moments of course.

I was not joking when I mentioned fireworks for the entrance it was as grand as it could get. Setting the stage and the aesthetic view for a perfect and beautiful night, we stepped into the pool side of ‘Le Meridien’ for ‘The Reception’.


Walking in to the red carpet like true blue celebrities having my parents-in-law the pillar of this whole show we walked into our plush and beautiful plum sets.


After the traditional introduction and picture clicking session began the fun for the rest of the night. We had singers, dancers doing hip-hop, break dance, free style or even a thumka you name it we had it all. I will let a lot of the laughter and the dance moves below speak for themselves.

The bride and groom definitely had their set of moves ready

It was nothing short of an unforgettable night. I remember right after the wedding a lot of our friends got to know each other and texted me suggesting we throw parties every year. So that is how much fun everyone had.

Can I please take a moment here to show off the super good looking siblings ?

My Squad was on point and absolutely ready for me making sure I was taken care of. In fact there was a bit of an emergency which I am obviously not going to share over here. While Nitish freaked out my girls came along swooshed me to the corner and I came back alive and well ready to rock and roll the night. I love them to death.

Apart from all the mad dancing we also had our closest friends, insanely talented. They took care of the entertainment section altogether. Not to mention they sing like a dream.


A night to remember, to reminisce and a treasured moment that I know whoever attended will collectively agree. It was all that a girl could wish for, before her big new life and on her big two days. Blessed is an understatement and gratitude is the the word.

T’is finally the end of the beautiful sequel my lovely TFF family, hope you were able to live through the moments of our final and last night of our big fat Indian wedding. All thanks to our wonderful family and friends. If you have any questions on the outfit you need details regarding any part of these functions feel free to reach me I will do what I can to help. Until then…

Stay Real, Stay Flawsome,




Photography: https://www.facebook.com/MadhuPhotos/

Makeup: Toni & Guy

Venue: Le Meridien

Outfit, Aanchal Bridal Gallery, Bangalore.

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