Photography: MKV Photography- Murali Krishna Varma

Location: Koramangala

Hello my favourite people from flawsomeland. This will be the first of the many posts [hopefully] that I will be showcasing based on requests. This is a work wear inspired one. In the past, one of the companies where I worked had strict rules on attire to maintain a professional atmosphere. I was among the girls who would wear kurtas, kurtas and a lot of kurtas. I would stare at these girls who had a blessed figure to carry off pencil skirts and neatly tucked in shirts with stockings and formal shoes. I always wanted to try them, but that plan never really turned into reality. Now the current work entertains a more bean bag environment so I stick close to very simple casual clothes. It was very gradually I learnt that casual pieces can be mixed with formal to give a very suave and sophisticated look. In this post are two of my renditions on work wear. For the ones who love strict corporate western formals and for the ones who like it a little chic-formal. I have something for both.

So for those of you who would like some tips with respect to work wear or would like to know how to mix things up from a casual wear and incorporate it to the work wear section of the wardrobe, read on. 🙂

Look One:

This look is for the ultra corporate. You know you want to wear western formals, but struggling a bit to find the right fit according to your body type? Well, lets thank whoever created ruffles and peplum. No matter what outfit you like to wear get clothes that complements not just your skin tone but also you body shape. Then again, if you are comfortable, no advice beats that. The rest of the world can just watch and wonder. Here we have a formal skirt with ruffled ends, a black spaghetti top over which I  have used a peplum single buttoned blazer that helps a great deal. Here is a first look.


The medium ruffled ends is a refreshing change to all things pencil skirt. Gives a chance for a lot more body types to inculcate an outfit as such in their wardrobe.The blazer is actually a part of a completely different chic outfit which I paired with this look.  As you can see the minimalist accessories is a simple leather watch and a pearl drop chain .


I have chosen these ankle strap heels that are super easy to walk around in. IF your job belongs to the ‘sit in front of screen’ category like mine you can certainly try it out. If you are not much of a heel person you can always replace it with Brogues. There are some really great ones out there .


Outfit Details :

Shoes: Pulp, Robert Hannahs & Co. ||Bag: David Jones ||Skirt: Van Huesen ||

Spaghetti: Splash,Lifestyle Stores ||Blazer: Missamore.com ||Watch: Titan

Pearl Drop Necklace: Michael Hill

Look Two:

This look is for the laid bag who love their casual tops love to flaunt a print or two, a crochet or even a bright colour. All we need to pull this look into a semi-formal one is good set of bottom wear. You can play with culottes, pants, flared pants or a skirt. I am sure I have been very expressive about my love for anything feminine and especially pattern and crochet work. Here I play with my favourite floral cut out pattern navy blue casual top paired with  formal black pants and a thin brown belt.


The top is tucked in and paired with my favourite beige loafers from ‘Call It Spring’ which you guys have already seen.


Over all the navy blue and beige pairing is a classic and you cant really go wrong here.



There are many ways as to which one could play with formal out fits. Hope this capsule ‘WerkWear’ helped you and gave you few ideas on how to mix match you casuals and formals to have a very sophisticated outcome for work wear. I would love to hear some feed back so, let me know. Like I mentioned before this is first of the many requests I have started posting. If there is any look you are struggling with and would like me to create and share ideas please feel free to let me know. Cheers! ❤

Outfit Details:

Top: Shopping Haul From Sri Lanka ||Pants: Vero Moda ||Belt: Lifestyle Stores

Until then as always..Stay Real and Stay Flawsome!! 🙂



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