Everything Playsuit ft.Suchitrha Kumar

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you”
― Ralph Lauren

Hello guys, while I love showcasing outfit inspirations, another thing that I hope to share and provide are styling tips on people you may come across in your day to day lives. Suchitrha here aka baby sister is a gifted and gorgeous looking person and always at my aid when I want to show case my style tips for you guys. This is a sequel to her first profile entry. Getting into details, it’s summer people!! And what is more comfortable than a jumpsuit? Tell me!! Ok, yea there are many more but this is my favourite. A jumpsuit according to me is a versatile outfit and if gotten in the right fabric and fit will suit almost all body types.

Look One: 

The two styles portrayed here are simple and something that any of you who are reading this post can easily whip up with the basics you have in your respective wardrobes. Suchi and I, while we were out and about in Bangalore on one of our rampant shopping sessions found this really casual and easy to transform jumpsuit. One look at it and I chased her to the changing room to try it. The result was a ‘Kaching’ sound for Mango where we bought it from  and a ‘Opera Singer’ high note in our tiny heads. Here is a first look.


This is a high neck up front and a sexy low cut back jump suit. Both of the styling done here with these are casual as I think it is what most of us may use for on a routine day. I styled her with a caged bralette that I got from Forever 21. It is so suave that I use that for any low neck tops. It does not compromise on the oomph factor, at the same time helps you be comfortable in case you decided to do a somersault I want you to be ready to do that too! You see what I mean? ❤


As for accessories, I paired this outfit with the quintessential staple, the white zip up, lace sneakers from Koovs.com and a  simple ceramic white Skagen watch.


Hairstyle is the half up do, gave this a bit more of definition using the hair bun shaper and and a simple rubber band to secure it neatly tucking in the extra hair using bobby pins along with a beige centred smokey look for the eyes.

If everyone is done drooling lets move to the next look shall we?

Look Two:

Lets say you are wearing this outfit but you have two places to hit, a casual outing with friends and later hope on the taxi and go for a club night out how would you use this outfit? I’ll tell you how. First you look for a jumper, any jumper. For this particular outfit I chose a black high-low asymmetrical one.You can wear that on and make this a top and printed shorts look alike.


Or pull that floppy jumper over one side of the shoulder and Voila! get sexy again. Disclaimer: Below picture is way too hot, handle at your own risk. 😉


She certainly looks happy below. Actually she was carried away a little with the bun on her head and some good music .


Now in case you do end up going on that wild night out. Lose the jumper and the bralette. Use a stick on bra to flaunt that sexy back,swap the shoes to a classy lace up heels or pointed boots, get a choker on and strut your stuff because you will be.. ‘Hot to Trot’.

If you enjoyed this post and would like a styling session done for yourself with TFF. Please fill your request at Style Soiree. Or you can send an email directly to theflawsomefashion@gmail.com. Until then show some love, spread the word and share your thoughts.

Stay Real, Stay Flawsome!


#tffyourbff ❤

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