TieThatKnot11-Part II

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” — Victor Hugo

Hi guys, so here is the most awaited part two of our wedding #tiethatknot11. Before I start about the day and how things went, I must share with you guys our tiny love story. Nitish and I somehow always knew each other through each of our closest friends, we had spoken once on Facebook messenger. When I learnt from his best friend Nikithaa [The person behind most of my pictures and the skill] that he was preparing for GMAT , I contacted him and we had a strictly acquaintance based information exchange and that’s it. Around six months after that I left to New Zealand for my higher studies. One year in NZ flew. One of the most beautiful places created by God. I made so many great friends there and some of them particularly became my lifelines. I was busy handling university and three jobs and life went on. It was around few months before I left back to India. I started talking to Nitish or rather he started “Facebook Messaging” me. 🙂 The story started there and in a year and a half I find myself extremely lucky to call him my doting husband and most importantly my best friend. Happiness, sadness, wrath or nonsense this guy takes it with utmost resilience and thoughtfulness. With a little insight on that lets get into the BIG DAY shall we? 🙂

Our roots and culture arise from “Gods Own Country”. While we were never born or completely raised there our whole lives, we have had our share of childhood there. Obviously, this day started with the quintessential white and gold saree. I am sure many of you would agree If I call the Kerala saree the most versatile garment out there. It is an instant touch of sartorial elegance. This day comprised of two functions on the whole, The early morning ‘Thalikettu’, the garland and ring exchange ceremony that took place around mid-morning.

First off, lets start with me getting ready. My hair, nail,s jewellery all exquisitely picked by mom. She is my best friend and worst critic so I can close my eyes and trust her on these things.

Nitish was ready and waiting below, getting nervous at the same time waiting to finish this task so he could feel all normal again ❤  Probably also giving himself a tummy rub to appease the butterflies within. That is how I detect him and his nervousness but later I joined and everything got a little more normal. We knew each other for so long and this just became a beautiful step that we had to perform amidst the closest people of our lives.


At the centre fort of the famous Guruvayur temple,Kerala, arrived the both the parties. The groom’s and the bride’s families. Standing on the centre stage surrounded by our kith and kin he finally “tied the knot”.

Post this we proceeded to front of the temple doors to pray and get blessings from Mr.guruvayurapan the man himself and our parents. Emotions were high, people were happy, all hugging each other in fact,there was a ‘hugathon’ happening. These many hugs!

While a thousand pictures may have been clicked in the process, we had our photo shoot in a beautiful area near the temple grounds. Emoce Pictures, Madhumita Rangarajan Photography and Nikithaa Kumaran Photography made it a point that we wouldn’t have a single moment missed.


After this we had timelines to keep so our friends scooped us away from the photographers and we had to make a run to the car and scurry in to our hotel rooms to get ready for the next and the most beautiful traditional function.


Following next few images will be sheer vibrance, beauty ,a lot of colour and zest that made this a beautiful wedding a memory that will be unforgotten.

the whole decoration was taken care of by the ‘Hotel Devaragam’ and team and they indeed did an amazing job. I am certain that the pictures speak for themselves. The brides maids were ready in their colourful sarees, oh! such a visual treat to watch. Part of the the bride’s entourage were busy clicking pictures and updating snapchat stories.






Immediately after this they had to go perform their respective responsibilities and I was well, still getting ready. Nitish was getting a warm welcome as per tradition done by the bride’s brother. It involves a flower garland welcome after which my brother has to wash the grooms feet. As a return the groom offers the brother with an amount of money.



As for me …..

It is already quite clear that I am a poser and love good pictures so I was very obdient and posed my heart away.



Now that the groom was settled and waiting.. it was time for the bride to go to him. Holding the hands of my lifelines, my mother and father. I took a deep breath and walked towards the man I love and a new life.


Once up we had all the traditions go on, one by one. I will let the images below speak.

This was quite a weird one. The giving away of the daughter , It was emotional but we were all so tired by then it was a little happy a little solemn. I am quite not sure on how to explain it. It stirred  a happy yet melancholy feeling.


Once the traditions and the procedures were finally done. We could take a sigh of relief and pose for a happy family picture. Presenting the happy union of the ‘The Poduvals’ & ‘The Kumars’


The Mr & Mrs




This has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. I am sure it must be for all those who went through their big day as well. I hope you like my little tour of my big day and how the proceedings went. It is of course a quick and shortened version. Here is to us and here is  to all of you supporting ‘theflawsomefashion’.











Venue & Decor: Hotel Devaragam,Guruvayur, Kerala.


Photographyhttps://www.facebook.com/emocepictures/ || https://www.facebook.com/MadhuPhotos/  || https://www.facebook.com/nikithaakumaran/

Hair and Makeup: Aruna from Ritz Parlour, Coimbatore.

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