TieThatKnot11-Part 1

Hi Guys, I know its been a while since we had some interaction done, so I decided to post something about ‘#tiethatknot11’ which is EVERYTHING about my big fat Indian wedding. It is wedding season hovering around anyway and  I thought why not share some ideas and inspiration out of my own. It has been almost two years I know this intelligent guy who puts in so much effort and transcends to success, that he almost makes it look effortless. I did not have any specifications for my wedding but whatever took place, happened solely due to a lot of effort by my absolutely loving parents and  a trusted circle of friends.

So folks this is a wedding event series post and MY WEDDING at that, so its going to be very colourful, a lot of details for any lovely people who have their wedding coming up. If you are interested I think you will love it. So lets jump right into this shall we?

This whole deal started of with a really fun home conducted mehendi function.  Not too much crazy decor going on but just enough for a close set of buddies and relatives. It took place at my residence in Coimbatore. Here is a glimpse of what it looked like. Theme was based on the colours of my outfit orange and red. Some tissue pom poms suggested by my cousin, the quintessential marigold, some cute fairy lights, A bronze vessel filled with water and flowers and some colourful bangles as take away gifts for the guests. Flowers were mainly orchids for entrance and side pieces all carefully chosen by my mom.


As for me I was busy being happy, drinking some good red wine and twirling away into my new life.

Outfit: Ajio.com|| Mehandi: Zeba Feroz


You know what makes a bride prettier apart from the clothes and jewellery? Company of her bestest friends and family.




Zeba Feroz did an amazing job on the mehendi. I wasn’t the typical bride who needed mehendi from finger tips to shoulders and on feet, So how far did I get? Just this much and that is all I needed.


Following this, the groom came in and we were busy troubling him to find out all the letters comprising of his name hidden in the beautiful designs.


A lot of candid pictures and laughter



We never really planned on any schedule for this mehendi party, it was all impromptu. We just had a generic idea and the execution of everything just worked out so well. We drank, we ate, we laughed we danced. Oh! Speaking about dance, we had some serious moves that night. 🙂


I also got a custom made mehendi cake made for me. Yes!!!! A mehendi cake cutting took place. The cake was by my cousin Poornima who is a super talented baker. You can view her work here https://www.facebook.com/poornimawithBakeandRoll/. The design of the cake was inspired from my outfit and the flavor was my favourite marble cake flavor. Yum!


This proceeded with a really fun quiz, asking kith and kin on ‘How well do you know the bride’ the bride. A fun little chart organised where people could leave their messages for the bride.’Kiss The Miss a Wedding Wish’ <3. These activities were suggested and conducted by my moms friends, way cooler than a lot of us at our age.


Of course everyone made sure we had cheesy moments. Not complaining, Nitish and I loved every bit of it. Here is a dare to propose all over again and I was glad to say yes! 😀


This was the beginning of our beautiful happily every after 🙂


On that note I hope you loved this little post on a very cherished and treasured part of my memories. Cannot believe all of this was just four months ago :’) I hope you loved it, and if you do ? Wait for Part two ‘The Wedding’. On that note signing off with a happy and dork like smile.



Photography: Most of them by https://www.facebook.com/nikithaakumaran/ some by Mr.Kamala Kannan

Mehendi Artist: https://www.facebook.com/zeba.feroz

Outfit: Ajio.com

Cake: https://www.facebook.com/poornimawithBakeandRoll/





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