Summer Summons

Photography: Nikithaa Kumaran

Location: Vivanta by Taj-Surya,CBE

Sultry days, kulfi nights, humidity filled sleep,colorful prints and breezy fabrics. What am I implying here ? Summer ! Our constant climate is here to stay for a while. A good reason to bring out the desi tassels, the flying dupattas and the floral palazzos. Hi guys and here is the next new capsule on TFF , ‘Summer Summons’ .As this is a season that is prevalent over 80% of the year for us Indians, so will our way of style slant towards the vibrant prints and flair filled clothing.  Starting from this capsule you will see a LOT of summer wear style inspirations that I will be bringing along. Let’s jump into the first look of this post. Whoever said prints on prints won’t work? I will show you how. If any of you are interested and following the Paris Fashion Week may have noticed that the print on print trend is vastly prevalent on the runway this season.


The look comprises of a figure fitting faux wrap skirt which while you put on is like wearing a pair of shorts inside. It is navy blue in color and highly detailed with prints. The top is a beautiful red off shoulder tassel top. For my ladies who feel insecure about flabby arms but would love to try the strapless trend this is a great alternative. Here is a first look.

The basic idea is you can either go gutsy and combine the look of two random  prints  or  take one out of the two and make that the hero of your look. I chose the former here. There are two pieces from my wardrobe that I have never combined. Today, I did so and the trick to get this to work is the base colors.

I love a bare neck look. It’s always so feminine and sexy. Go ahead and add a choker if you want an extra oomph factor. The top is from Sri Lanka, my mother got for me while street shopping. The skirt is from, the shoes from

Again the key is to make sure your base colors go and rest of it is your confidence. Like they say if you have the confidence you can rock even a gunny bag. 😉


The second look is something really interesting. This a kurta which I would usually wear with a simple black legging on a mundane day at work. Today I’m giving this mundanity a big twist. This is a high neck sleeveless kurta paired with a versatile brown waist belt from It gives the look a shape and flair of a nice skater dress. To complete it I used my white lace and zip sneakers also from and a striped hand bag from the Kim Kardashian collection. I purchased the bag while I was in NZ for my higher studies and worked part time in a store called Robert Hannahs and co as a sales consultant.

You can carry out this trick with any A-line shaped kurtas or ones that gives an over sized look. All you need is the right belt.

Clearly the only accessories here is a my watch and the hand bag.

Ladies, no matter which part of your body you feel insecure about, the flabby arms or the big chested understand that there is nothing you can’t rock.On that note, here is the first of many many summer looks that I will be bringing for you guys. I have got requests to bring up ideas for certain categories of looks and body types. To those guys , I have got you covered. Next two will be dedicated to your requests.

As usual it would be absolutely lovely to hear any feed back and  requests from you guys. The blog is for all of you. The only for of art or skill that I know off to give back to my community. Do share and support if you like this post. Until then…

Stay Real and Stay Flawsome!


2 thoughts on “Summer Summons

  1. Likes the off shoulder top and the kuti to a dress ideaa…!!!! Keep dressing new styles…. (ur alternate career option cld b a stylist)


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