Murali Krishna Varma

Say hello to the next member of the TFF Street Runway, Murali. A total wacko and my husband’s chum bud. I have seen enough exchange of bro love between these two to an extent I am numb to it. I am sure all you ladies know that one friend. Yes! He’s that guy. Jokes apart Murali leads a life I kind of envy. While his day job involves being a technology lead of his team at Cognizant, during his free time you will never see this man lazing around and wasting a second. Keep reading…

He is an Ace rider, a bike enthusiast, loves trekking and takes enough number  of trips to Goa for all of us to get jealous . Friendly and  the most lovable fellow I know. Keeping these characteristics of his in mind, I decided to style him. We went a little bad-ass because his introduction and his appearance is an amusing irony. 

Scroll on and find out.

Look One:

This look was created keeping in mind the number of road trips and bike rides he engages in. I obviously did not want to show a typical biker’s riding gear. I am sure you guys may have seen plenty. Here is a simple remake of something casual befitting Murali keeping in mind his interests and characteristics which I believe is also pivotal while portraying their style.  

Here is a first look.


His outfit has a casual white t-shirt from Westside Stores, a black leather jacket from a local thrift store. Black jeans from United Colours of Benetton and a tough brown hard soled ankle boots from Woodland.


Mural has a great sense of humour which is an irony compared to the mean biker man look he has. Hey, I am talking about first impressions .


Look Two:

Imagine a hippie guy walking straight out of a biker parade. That is how I see this look.  No big brands here , It is as simple as picking up stuff from the colourful and aesthetically pleasing beach wears you see in Goa or Pondy road side stores [Always the most eye catching]. We stare at them like candies. Guys hope to look like  a semi-boho ‘baba-cool’ persona while us ladies hope to look like ‘Lisa Haydon’ from the ‘Manali trance’ song [Nope, Never happening] . So Here is a desi boho take on Murali, dedicated to the place he rides away the most to.


Rather flamboyant picture here. :D. He, in all his glory, flaunting the Sanskrit mantra filled harem pants, an off-white kurta and the leather jacket from the previous look giving the look an entry to the urban outfit club.


Do not be surprised with the no footwear look here. He is that guy who really doesn’t give two hoots and someone who is absolutely comfortable in their own skin did I mention a sport?


I am so glad I have such wonderful people in my life who are so supportive and help ful. An important element during my  formative years of blogging. I hope this look was relatable  to at-least one of you men out there. I hope to provide as many daily real life fashion inspirations and of course as promised irrelevant of gender, age, shape or size.

If you loved what you saw, let me know. Don’t like it? Have constructive feed back? Bring that along as well. I am open to it. If you enjoyed it don’t forget to follow the blog. Bottom of the page you will find all my social media handles.  Do follow them and show your support.If you are interested in being a part of TFF StreetRunway do reach me at Style Soiree🙂 Until then..

Stay Real, Stay Flawsome.


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