Fishnet Dreams

 “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton

Hi Guys, how did your past week go? Mine had so many significant changes that it is border line life changing.  While I am still a brand new beginner at this and have a day time job along with being a wife. I just feel grateful to be able to do this as it keeps a genuine part of me alive on this little dream that I am chasing. I have my husband to thank for, the kind of support he showers on me is massive. Especially considering that weekends is all we have for the kinds of shifts we work in.

So this week I wanted to bring out looks with the suddenly into the list of quintessential items in the wardrobe. The fishnet stockings. While everyone seems to be using this with distressed jeans I thought we can certainly do something else with it.  Here are two looks I put together for this week. It is rather bold, edgy and absolutely easy for all you ladies out there irrelevant of your body type and most importantly COMFORTABLE. Allowing you to breathe and take things easy as you bring in a new level of grunge along. Grunge has been prevalent in the  international runways this year or even if you just want to make it your street style you can absolutely do so with these looks.


So I am sure you guys know by now how much I like to use  a mundane piece of clothing and turn it into something else. This one has a  rather different Adidas t-shirt. It isn’t an original one. It is a version I got from an online store called The Bling Store. Now underneath this t-shirt a usual idea would be to wear a denim shorts but I chose to wear a body con above knee length black body slip. It  is pretty much a slip but a longer version of it. Beneath that is the fishnet stockings, paired with these really fun pair of block heel boots I got from The StreetStyleStore. Here is a first look.


 The heels are so light its crazy how easy it is to walk in them. As it was just the fishnet stocking, even though I had blazing sun above my head it did not really contribute in to melting me.


I got the fishnet stockings from SRStore. Most of the things you see here are all got via online shopping. For the accessories I an wearing the ‘Gigi Choker‘ I got from Bello Fox and the bracelet is from Pipa Bella.



This is for ladies who are a bit more on the girly side. If you like a little flare in your dressing , adore the straps and add a curve you can opt for this look. It is curated by using the most useful items in my wardrobe. On a daily basis I use these pieces of clothing a lot. A nice black short skirt. This is my favourite skirt and the t-shirt is a nice v neck grey you can where with anything. Literally. The mix with these two went well with the fishnet stockings. What I did different here was to use a bralet I got from forever 21 which had these flattering straps that complemented the low v-neck t shirt. Also guys the skirt and t-shirt they are all from forever 21.


While it is a normal neck t-shirt I pulled the sides on both ends to make it like an off shoulder to give the whole girly vibe I was talking about.


Interesting fact: The spot that is behind me is supposed to have a huge lake which dried up in the early 90’s. How sad is that. It wa a man made though. 


Well folks that is it from me in the ‘Fishnet Dreams’ Capsule. While I will be bringing in many more looks with them. I made it the hero of this post as it is the first one on TFF.

If you love what you saw and would like to see more. Please do share and support, or recommend to someone who may appreciate it. It is a body positive blog and just one to show that when it comes to fashion. There is ALWAYS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. Cheers!




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