“PEOPLE ARE GOING TO STARE, MAKE IT WORTH THEIR WHILE”                                                                                                                                                                  – Harry Winston


A lot of things come and go in our mind. Last one week has been a testing one for me. I believe balance is key and I try my best to strike that in all the parts of my little world. While this week has taught me true hard work never fails and the tremendous support I received from family and friends, I am humbled and truly grateful. Nevertheless this blog is one huge part of my world and a chunk of my heart. ‘Do it with passion or don’t do it at all‘ they say and I believe every bit of it. So here is the next post created with my dear friend and talented photographer (Check out here work from the link below)

Nikithaa Kuamaran https://m.facebook.com/nikithaakumaran/

Look One:

This is a look that speaks volumes on one word ‘Hippie’. It reminds me of all things beach, rave party and Curlies, Goa. When you have one very loud element on you make sure you keep everything else toned down I hope to portray this on my post today and let you know and outfit like one you see below you can OWN IT! People called me crazy when I picked it up, but hey!!! I like it. If you have one outfit like this then go ahead and own it in your little way. This one is a multi-colored play suit perfect for a beach party or anything beach! I like to tone down things with the blending elements and bring a balance. So here goes my first post for HippieHolic.


I got this outfit from Splash/Lifestyle Stores. I did not even want to add any accessories here because well, you can see yea 😛


A blast of color amidst the nudes around. Speaking about nudes, I am still obsessed with ‘Bon Bon‘ from MyNykaa.


Look Two:

This leans more to a Bohemian side which is pretty much a modern term added for the hippie look. While tassels and fringes make the cut, jewelry can make it too. I chose a high waisted long skirt and a thin pull over top which was extra loose. So I utilized this to my benefit and made it an off shoulder. Added a gorgeous layered boho necklace I got from flaunt and fun. It can be paired with any thing, such a statement piece. Scroll down take a look .:)


I got the top from ‘Only‘ and the Skirt from ‘Forever 21‘.


The shoes are my favorite strappies from ajio.com and the necklace from flaunt and fun. I wanted the necklace to be the hero and let you guys know how much it can transform an outfit so you wont see any other jewlry here.


 Well, here it is another post from TFF and I hope my tips are helping you guys. As always keep them feed backs coming and keep that love for TFF real intact ok? I LOVE YOU GUYS and am ever so grateful for your support and while you do that donut be shy from sharing it in your FB or instagram 🙂 . Cheers ❤



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