Flower Me Valentine

Hello my TFF fam jam bam… How was the week? I had a long rough crazy one. I almost have come to the conclusion that I need thirty four hours in a day or be an alien rejuvenated in one hour of sleep. OK! Leaving all my unrealistic wishes apart. It is the week of red dresses, heart shaped chocolate boxes, flower bouquets, batting eyelashes, worried men who are still trying to figure out last minute gifts, singles who look at couples like retards and create hilarious memes and most importantly a reason to dress up and have fun. Its Valentine! Not like we need any reason isn’t it?

Now that it is the season of red I had to put up looks together for my little family. I love you guys and anything that I show case in any form helps at least one of you that fulfils my purpose. At TFF we do not do traditional you guys already know that. Valentine dress for your dinner date does not always have to be dainty pink and blushing red, come on people other colours can surprise you. not yapping too much here are two looks one for a dinner night out with the dearly beloved, ‘he may be the one’ or ‘no labels please’ .


I am a big fan of crochet or anything that looks remotely lace. The intricate details in them flatter any woman’s feminine side even if you decide to jump out of your “i’m a tom boy ” stage for the special one. This little art right here is an answer to many problems. I got this beautiful and floral detailed teal  strappy dress from https://vavistores.com/ . As you guys may have already noticed while my style is eclectic I like to add minimum details to bring life to the outfit. Its always the dainty things that add the dimple to the smile. For a first look.


Bring in a fresh perspective and a fresh color tone to valentine whatever you may like. I love this teal. Anyone with my skin tone which leans towards the duskier tone it really complements the skin.

Chain: SWAROVSKI | Watch: Skagen from Lifestyle Stores


Watch:Skagen | Heels: MFT COUTURE

Adding a touch of contrast to the blue are my suede tan brown chunky block heels from https://www.ajio.com//.

I cannot begin to describe how light and comfortable these heels were contrary to the chunky look it has. I love it and you will see a lot of it in my future posts.









Head to toe love. 

Dress: Vavistores.com


Hey single ladies, a nice brunch morning out? Hanging out with girls to the nearest mall? grabbing a burger with the gang? or going on a long drive making some memories on the way? Here is a little outfit for that it is fun, speaks in the language of floral punk. The top  is a gift from mom which she got me during one her many business travels. This one was from a Vietnamese street shopping session. She has a good eye for clothes. I paired it with a casual white shorts  and a zip and lace white sneaker that I got from http://www.koovs.com/.

Top: Vietnamese Street Shopping || Shoes : Koovs.com || Cardigan: Ginger, Lifestyle Stores

While that alone gives a needed casual look to the outfit we always need to tie it all together and wrap it in a little pretty bow. If nothing I am obsessed with them. Cardigans. The one I have here is a netted cardigan that I got from lifestyle stores brand Ginger. Keeping the floral tone and adding my favourite colour pop. Go along be a head turner that you are loves! 🙂


As the choker obsession continues and doesn’t seem like it is going any where and keeps getting creative by the day. (Hey I am NOT complaining.. It is a part of my obsession). Add a little thin faux or real silver jewellery to give this look a touch of layering.

Choker and Chain : Forever21

There it is. What I have and what I promised the #flowermevalentine post for all you lovelies out there. There is a lot more to come from the TFF Look book. Any and all the  feedback you have that is constructive is welcome. If you want more of something or need me to add anything here which you do not see in terms of details please let me know. ❤ . I thrive on feed backs. 🙂

I am planning on adding some posts on some good daily based make up that  you can wear to office as well. Cheers!

If you love this post as you reach that  valentine dinner reservation. Make sue you share and spread the word about The Flawsome Fashion.

As always… Stay Real, Stay Flawsome!





2 thoughts on “Flower Me Valentine

  1. First thank you so much for accepting my comment i made in your previous post.
    Coming back to this valentine looks

    Look one- A new arrival/change to the valentine color, should try this electric blue shade for a valentine dinner some time and the way you added minimal accessories is just awesome

    Look two- The color of the top is the show stopper and the just blended aling with the cardigan is so cool. Choker is really a good add up for this look.

    Waiting for the next look xoxo


    1. Hi There!!!

      I hope the new post accommodates the request you had in your previous comment. 🙂

      Next, thank you so much for your views on the looks. Like I always say, I thrive on feed backs and It is more than amazing to receive one like this. It helps me understand that the effort put in is not in vain.

      Hope to get better as you support along. Cheers!

      #tffyourbff ❤


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