Syama Selvan

You have seen bloggers, you have seen movie stars, leggy lasses, swirly locks, dapper suits, shiny shoes but have you seen your mom, your aunt your godmother or a just a really nice lady ever get noticed for the effort she puts in herself to look and feel good ? How many times have you even considered that there is fashion for them too. A non-judgemental but comfortable fashion, a stylish yet mature fashion. A fashion that speaks for them and that style coexists irrelevant of any kind of tags and labels society creates.

 Here is a soulful shoot that I did for my mother’s best friend and confidant, Ms.Syama Selvan a.k.a Syama aunty to me.We laughed, we shared, we japed and we jived. Hope you all love this one as much as I do.

Look 1:

This photo shoot and styling was so different and yet I am so confident that it will be one that is out of the box and a lot of our loved ones will relate to. I promised that through this blog I will show case real, raw fashion and this shoot and styling session stands true to my words. Jumping into look one is a classy peach dress, contradicting the myth with regards to the usual skin tone and colour combination. We chose colours that will not tone down in turn accentuate the beautiful individuality in her. Added a belt an a dainty stole crossed over and tucked in to give this out fit a shape




To complete the look I added a beautiful turquoise beaded necklace that gave an eye popping contrast to the blissful peach outfit. As the outfit was dressy on its own we toned down the feet but adding a pair of heels that stuck to aunt’s skin tone.


For make up an ivory shimmer and smokey look along with wine coloured lippies. There is SO much natural beauty here that I was brimming with the pure joy on how real it is. These silvery strands were something she was so proud of that it make so happy there are people like aunty who understands the concept of natural grace.


Look Two

This look resonated with her personality, carefree, sporty and a total champ. Denim jackets and maxi dresses aren’t only for the slender. Here at TFF we break stereotypes, break it to pieces that it cannot identify itself. A midi black dress with an embellished jacket for the stars and a casual shoes matching the colour tone of the jacket.


“I am gonna give you haughty looks” she said until we ended up with a very bold “Seriously now?” Also not to forget some rustic wooden bangles to add an edge to this look.

Outfit Deets: Jacket: Koovs || Dress: Blance Porte

The location for our shoot was at Trinity Acres and Woods in a beautiful home sporting vibrant dream catchers and simple yet sophisticated interiors. Amidst all of this I caught a candid moment of my model.


Thoughts on no one is perfect ?
I disagree! I recently saw a tiny flower on a 3-4 inch plant at the base of a huge tree. The lightning bolt learning – each form is perfect, as is. Just take care of your body, wear your style, and stand tall!

Your standpoint on fashion ?
To me, the word ‘fashion’ brings images of seasonal trends on skinny models. Long gone are those days though, when I pored over mags for the ‘in’ colour and styles, regardless of the fact that I couldn’t afford them. Today, I’m in a space where I’ve realised that the only takeaway from the fashion ramps should be to wear confidence.


One thing you wish you could change about fashion ?
Its fickleness and obsession with forever creating the ‘new’ look for that ‘standard’ ‘perfect’ size, shape, colour and age. If we are blessed to be able to afford create/heed fashion trends, shouldn’t the aim be to get people happy with what they wear?

On that very wise note on fashion I end this post. Here is to more flawsomeness. To a world that is filled with people who love themselves just the way the way they are and spread this important message. 🙂 If you love what you see make sure you spread the word on flawsome fashion and if you would like to feature or know any one who would like to be a part of The Flawsome Fashion reach out to me via Style Soiree


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