Giggles To Goth


Location: Koramangala
Photography: Nikithaa Kumaran Photography

Hi!!! So glad to be back with two new and real fun looks for you guys, as you know I like to create looks that would suit any one. ‘Giggles To Goth‘ is exactly what it sounds like. This week, I have played and played and finally landed with one important and lets say quintessential piece of clothing I think everyone must own. What is it and where to get it you ask? It is a simple white men’s T-shirt (plus three of whatever your current size is)Walk in straight to the men’s section of any apparel store and grab it. You will thank me later for the number of looks you can create with this. I think this is one of my best buys yet.

Look 1: 

For the first look we go head on ready to do splits. Go shopping ? Hell walk in a  park. Whatever it is that you want to do. My T-shirt size was XL and I cannot stop if I start on how comfortable this gets.I could have gone for a simple blue denim shorts but instead I chose to use this high waist black shorts that I have. As far as apparel is concerned that’s it! Yup, seriously ! The details I paired them with here goes. I had a brown tote bag you know when you are in no mood to be OCD and just want to throw things in to a  bag and run for the sunlight. A blingy golden sandals.Thick but light and versatile.

T-Shirt: Westside|| Sandals:|| Short: Dotti, NZ || Bag: Mango

For my hair, I went with a top knot, created with one of those buns you get. It makes it so much more fuller. For girls who worry about thighs and height and all that society created thrash, please note I have none of those. All you need to make sure is you look good and happy in it.


Happy enough to fool around in it. My photographer and my very good friend, Nikithaa Kumaran usually tells me the spot to stand at and I do goofy things for the 3/4 part of the shots. Until my husband or my friend who waits for BTS tells me to buck up. 😀 (I’m not a retard)


No accessories in terms of jewelery here apart from my watch, because the idea of this look was to make it as EASY and as chic as possible.

Look 2:

For my next look I use the same T-shirt and go a bit goth in ok, not completely goth but certainly close to that and most importantly wearable. It is the same white T-Shirt and a really useful black padded bralette I got online. Only difference is I wore it on the outside, YUP! What was so beautiful about this was that It made the T-shirt look like a little dress and gave it shape. The sleeves looked futuristic and some times I find eccentric love in these little intricate definition. Before you get lost, this is what it looks like.


I paired it up with some strappy block heels so you know you can go out to party in this. Do a noon party may be? Anyway, this is a bit more to the bolder side,  if you want to know what else can give this T-shirt a look with an edge, feel free to let me know. I am very responsive to your queries.

Tshirt-Westside||||Choker:Pipa Bella||

Lets talk about accessories, MU and Hair. So nothing much, a choker period. Thick eyeliner wine coloured lips (also my favourite drink). A little sensuality and a lot of confidence sprinkled with little ‘people going for a walk are staring at me’ but I don’t care look 😉 .

MU| Lipstick: Nykaa || Eyeliner:Chambor

I Love the sleeve detail over here. As much as it was something discovered as an accident, best innovations are created in an accident isn’t it? Hope you enjoyed this new look, tips and tricks on TFF. If you did show you support love, like, share and follow.

Don’t Forget to Stay Flawsome.


3 thoughts on “Giggles To Goth

  1. Hey Karthika,

    I am follower of ur fashion blog. Very proud of you. When you write up a post it will be more good if you add the shop/site from where you have grabbed the stuff which you are wearing the outfit, accessories, sandals etc.

    Wishing you all the best for furture posts too 🙂


    1. Hi Keerthana,

      Thank you so much!! It is honestly so amazing to see a feed back here. I add the brands down in the detail of the picture caption, but I will make it a point to add the online sites as well here forth. Keep the love & the feed back coming. Exiting stuff up tomorrow. Much love ❤ 🙂



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