Suchitrha Kumar

The first person to enter ‘Style Soiree’ is someone who is very dear to me, my sister and the rock star of her universe, Suchitrha. Sincere, fun loving, encouraging and most importantly sportive are a few honest adjectives I’d like to associate her with. As a new fashion blogger who is trying to bring a concept that is different from the others and one that would like to accentuate flaws, it is not easy to get candidates who agree for the same. She was one among them who immediately accepted and was genuinely excited for this shoot.

Suchitrha is one among the few who has an hourglass body typemyet like every girl she believes she has a flaw which concentrates on her lower body, thicker thighs. Now the first thing I told her was ‘baby, thick thighs saves lives’ seriously. Any one else who sees this picture will only gawk at this beautiful girl with popping eyeballs.

Look ONE:


We started off by going to basics. A rich wine coloured tregging and a burgundy spaghetti top teamed with simple cardigan to give the take away attention from the main flaw (I still think its not one.) White sneakers that is equivalent to the staple red lipstick. A beautiful pastel colour amalgamated scarf and simple chain to give a pop of colour to this casual look.

Comfort is obliviously key and I don’t know what shouts that out louder than this jump and her million bucks smile.

Outfit Deets: /tregging | Marks & spencers, Sphagetti Top | Westside, Sneakers |Koovs, Cardigan|Glassons, Scarf|Cotton On, Layered Chain| Sri Lanka Street Shopping

A Closer Look:


 Look TWO: 

For the next look I used the same tregging and shuffled it up giving it a style fit for a classy office dinner party. The look contains a double sheer black tunic, A beige hand bag which was not only a part of the look but gives it that over all addition of nude colour contrast to the out fit. Cherry on top an ever gorgeous staple anybody should posses in their wardrobe a beige ankle strapped stilettos giving a fitting finish to this look.

Outfit Deets: Tregging | Marks & Spencers, Top |Factorie,  Hand Bag|David Jones, Ankle Strap Heels |Pulp, Necklace | ToniQ

For accessories I chose a simple watch, a beige tones bracelet and a serpent hook neck piece giving this entire look a statement qualifying it for a party.


Make up and Hair:

Here its a nude palette based, smokey eye with a shimmer make up. Light based foundation and contouring enough for the shoot depending on the sunlight has been done. Suchitrha’s hair style is a long bob so we took advantage of that to give her the look of a semi ‘shaved on the side’ look. Of course we din’t actually shave it, but this gives the illusion of that look also accentuating her sharp features.

Eye Shadow | Nyx ‘Butt Naked’ palette, Foundation | Faces, L

Model’s Thoughts on Fashion:

Fashion in your stand point?
To me, fashion is not just a lifestyle. It’s a reflection of who you are as a person. What you wear reflects your innerself. It’s a way of life.

Thoughts on ‘No one is perfect’?
No one is perfect. And, no one should be. Perfection isn’t anything one must strive to be. It’s mainstreaming of the sort. Being yourself is an art, being perfect isn’t. Take your flaw and make it your masterpiece.

If you could change one thing about fashion what would it be?
I would change the constant need to look your best to be attractive. The need to fix everything about yourself to reach the level of attraction. Beauty standards have to be altered. Spread tutorials on accepting your beauty and not masking it.

If you enjoyed this post and it gave you some thing different from the myriad of blogs that you flip through, show some serious love. ❤


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